These FAQs are designed to provide a better understanding on Private Key Infrastructure – PKI, mobile PKI operations and how to make your work better with Mobile-ID.


What is PKI?

Public key infrastructure (PKI) is cryptography-based technology used to secure electronic processes and transmissions.

What can you do with PKI?

There are unlimited number of things that you can do with PKI.

Some of them are:

Secure Email – sign and/or encrypt messages
Secure browsing – SSL – authentication and encryption
Secure code – authentic code
Secure wireless – PEAP & EAP-TLS
Secure documents – Rights Management
Secure networks – segmentation via IPsec
Secure files – Encrypted File System(EFS)

What is Mobile PKI?

Mobile PKI is the ability to do PKI operations on the go using mobile smart devices.


Mobile-ID for Android

What is Mobile ID for Android?

Mobile ID for Android is a mobile application that enables the user to do PKI operations everywhere. It is very simple to use, requires minimum expertise and can be operated by any device running the Android operating system.

Does Mobile-ID run on tablets?

Mobile-ID can run on any Tablet running 2.1 android version and up.

How can I know my private key is secure?

Users private key is stored in a special area called secure storage. It is protected by One-Time-Pad encryption which give it a high brute-force protection. The One-Time-Pad decryption key is stored away from your device in a remote server. You can feel relaxed that your digital identity is safely protected by Mobile-ID.

What is Server Protected Identification?

Mobile-ID works together with a dedicated server which is dedicated to protect your digital identity. All PKI operations need to be authenticated via a remote server before they are executed. If the SPI or Server Protected Identification authenticates the user, then it sends encrypted the One-Time-Pad key to the mobile device.The Mobile-ID will use that key to unlock & decrypt the users private key and perform the PKI operation.


Mobile-ID for iOS

Is Mobile ID available for iOS?

The iOS version of Mobile ID is under development. We are constantly testing to provide a safe and stable version. First release of Mobile ID for iOS is expected to be released by the end of 2012.