Mobile ID is a mobile application that provides Mobile PKI services on smart devices through a pure software-based implementation.

Opposed to costly hardware security modules, the keys are securely stored on the device. Nerd Labs has developed a special key-store module called Server Protected Identification. This module encrypts the user’s keys using modern, cutting-edge technologies and locks it behind an authentication server. The system has been designed to be simple, understandable and easy to use.

Users are only a PIN away from unlocking their key and performing PKI operations.

Mobile ID offers a rich feature set, working as a standalone application including:

PDF document signing and validation.
Users can easily sign PDF documents to indicate their approval. Mobile ID also provides support for visible signatures and PAdES Long Term Validation Profile (LTV).

E-mail signing and encryption.
The creation of encrypted and signed e-mail while on the move is faster than ever. Mobile ID offers S/MIME services through an internal SMTP client coupled with support for multiple e-mail accounts.

XML signing and validation.
Based on W3C’s Recommendation, Mobile ID enables XML document signing and validation paving the ground for services based on XML Transactions. Mobile ID provides support for enveloped signatures, detached signatures and enveloping signatures covering a wide range of schemes.

File signing and encryption.
Users can sign and encrypt virtually any digital file.

Certificate keyring.
Mobile ID comes with a built-in certificate management system allowing end-users to fetch and import digital certificates while being able to check the revocation status of any certificate through OCSP.

Mobile ID platform can be customized work silently behind your own operations, making life easier for you.

Nerd Labs has developed different solutions for different sectors.

Some of them are Banking, Healthcare, Corporate and Government.

Learn more about them by visiting the relevant pages or discuss with us about your own special requests.