Workshop: How to hide PKI complexity on smart devices

Nerd Group of Services participated in National eID & ePassport Conference in Kuala Lumpur.

During the conference Nerd leaded workshop A analysing the so interesting topic of
“How to hide PKI complexity on smart devices”.

Because of the big interest among the participants the workshop was fully booked.

Workshop A

Workshop A

The Participants were divided into five groups. Each group had a group leader that was coordinating the discussion. Each group worked on 5 different case studies in different sectors.

Although the sectors were different (Government, Education, Banking, Healthcare, Multinational Companies) the mission was the same: How to hide PKI complexity on smart devices. In order to draw comparative conclusions each group had to answer the same five questions.

The workshop material is available to download.

Government Case study
Banking Case study
Education Case study
Healthcare Case study
Multinational Companies Case study

After reading about the 5 case studies, you can read the findings of the workshop.

Workshop A – Findings